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A thought

I think that, given the choice to succeed at everything - and be miserable; or to fail at anything - and be happy...

I would choose to fail.
Cannith Custom Crafted Courtesans

Dragontypes available!

The Player Resource Consortium allows the following draconic heritages for the Dragon Disciple prestige class in NWN1:

Color:Black, Blue, Green, Red, White,
Metal:Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Silver,
Gem:Amethyst, Crystal, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz,
Lung1:Chiang Lung, Li Lung, Lung Wang,
Lung2:Pan Lung, Shen Lung, Tien Lung, Tun mi Lung,
Obscure:Battle, Brown, Chaos, Deep, Ethereal,
Obscure:Howling, Oceanus, Pyroclastic, Radiant,
Obscure:Rust, Shadow, Song, Styx and Tarterian!
Cannith Custom Crafted Courtesans

In our lead story for the day, Marvel characters have the IQ of a stegusaurus

Why can't these idiots just LEAVE THE INCREDIBLE HULK ALONE?!

Seriously, unless engaged in combat, he tends to move away from population centers. When confronted, his Strength bonus is somewhere in the range of +9,001, and his Constitution is simularly epic, both scores beaten only by the Unstoppable Juggernaut, whose score in each physical charactaristic (With the possible exception of Dexterity) is INFINITY. (Also? Dude needs to take the Hostile Mind feat.)

Needless to say, due to his low mental attributes, MASSIVE PROPERTY DAMAGE results from attempting to fight the Hulk. So what does the Marvel version of the U. S. Government do? DEVOTE A SMALL ARMY specifically to the task of capturing and attempting to kill him. Note, I say ATTEMPTING for a reason. The Hulk regenerates over ten thousand hit points a second, by the most conservative of my estimates, and to even hurt him, well, he's so physically tough that his damage reduction is best listed as DR hahaha/no.

In other news, giant weasels remain outside the grasp of scientists to create for now, humans are still made of meat, and my hatred of thousand-foot tall seals remains as unimportant as ever.
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Stupid-arse idea

Babus Maximus
Warlock Invocation: Dark
Gaze attack, max distance 150 feet
The (female-only) target turns into a total hottie, ready, willing, and able to do anything her master/mistress could desire of the new 1st level commoner.
DC 2 fort OR will save negates. Roll both and choose the higher result.
Cannot be reversed by any means, including miracle, wish, or epic spells, because honestly, it's DIFFICULTY CHECK -TWO-. If you failed that, you're getting what's coming to you. Or you have a sadistic DM. Or both.
A natural one does not constitute automatic failure for either saving throw against this invocation.
Cannith Custom Crafted Courtesans

Endless Boredom

That's right, cats and kittens, I'm bored again. I expect to run the server from 10PM central time to 8AM this morning, same rules as last time. One cleric per person and whatnot.
See you online! Or maybe not. Who knows?
Cannith Custom Crafted Courtesans


I'm gonna be running a Neverwinter Nights 2 server off and on, under Action. It'll be the Endless Depths module, and there will be three NPC clerics available. Up to three players, latest patch, just some hack and slash fun. I only ask that 1) I am allowed to be one of those three players every so often, and 2) ONE CLERIC PER PERSON.

They're all virtually identical - male aasimar, female aasimar, male human. Knowledge and Healing domains for each, Luck of Heroes for each, all have ranks and/or Skill Focus in Open Lock.

It'll usually be open from 10PM CDT to 8AM CDT. Sometimes earlier. Contact me at Yahoo IM 'cybertronexpress'.